Text Input & Forms

Text Input allow visitors of the website or testers of a prototype to type text and submit information such as their contact information to a Form.

Form & Text Input Modals

How To Create a Form

First, create Text Fields where users will type their information:

  1. Select the text input fields where you want users to type their information
  2. In Prototype, expand the Smart Layers section and click on Forms
  3. Select “Text Input“ from the drop-down options
  4. Select what type of Text Input the user must enter: Text, Email, Password, Number, and/or Required field
  5. Select if the field whether the field is required or not

Then create a Submit Button:

  1. Select the button component
  2. Go to Forms in Smart Layers
  3. Select “Submit Button“ from the drop-down options
  4. (Optional) Enter Email address to send notifications when visitors submit information
  5. (Optional) Name for a Spreadsheet which you can view and download as CSV of all the entries
  6. (Optional) Select a Success Page where to redirect visitor once their submission has been successful
  7. (Optional) Select a Failure Page where to redirect visitor in case their submission failed

❗️Forms only work for sites being hosted with Anima.

Set Input as Password Required

Text Input Validation

When previewing the Form, the browser will validate that the user entered the selected type of Input Field and alert the user.

Email Input Validation

Preview Form in Browser

Download Form Submissions

To download the information your users submitted, go to your project’s settings, and at the bottom of the Prototype Link tab, you will find the download button:

Download Form Submissions