Padding in Sketch

What is Padding?

Padding means that when you change the content, the background changes dynamically with it. It works great when used with Stacks, Pins, and inside Symbols.

How To Use Padding

Here’s the basic flow:

  1. Create a Text Layer and select it
  2. Click the Padding icon in the Layout tab
  3. Adjust the distance you’d like that background rectangle to keep from the text
  4. Expand the Padding Group and select its Background Layer to customize it

Padding in Sketch
Edit Padding Background

Padding Controls

Toggle Padding

Symbols — Padding Overrides

Padding Overrides

Padding + Stacks

Stacks allows layers to push each other, and keep a constant spacing between them.

To see how Padding and Stacks play together:

Padding Inside Stacks

Padding + Pins

To see how Padding and Pins play together:

Padding and Pins

Padding for Nested Symbols

Example: You have a button Symbol with Padding inside a post cell Symbol that has a Stack and also has Padding.

Here’s how it looks with Overrides:

Override Padding Symbols

Sketch Sample File: [Download]


Make sure that Padding and Stack for Neste Symbol is enabled from the Anima Settings.

Enable Padding and Stacks for Nested Symbols