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What Is It?

Prototype is great for:

Prototype is a great tool for:

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Main Features

Prototype has 3 main sections:


Smart Layers


Expanded Prototype Panel

How Does It Work?

Designers can take their design to production in a matter of seconds.

Here are the steps for creating a website from a Sketch document:

  1. Design your website in Sketch where each web page is represented by an artboard
  2. Apply responsive design by using Layout
  3. Optionally, add Links, Forms and Videos
  4. Create a preview website to verify that the website looks as desired
  5. Publish!


See some of the feature listed above in action in a live website.
Download Sample File

Try it yourself in Sketch!

  1. Download the edited Sketch sample file Download
  2. Click the Preview in Browser button in the Anima panel
  3. Explore!