What is Layout?

Layout is an Anima feature that empowers designers to build responsive designs inside Sketch.

Install the Anima Toolkit

  1. Install the latest version of Sketch App
  2. Download the latest AnimaToolkit.sketchplugin
  3. Unzip file and double click the unzipped file to install
  4. Restart Sketch after installing

Anima Installation Notification

Compatibility Note

Please make sure that you are always using the latest versions of Sketch and Anima to avoid any issues.

Get Help

Say Hi to Nola

Nola is your personal digital assistant to Anima. Nola will give you tips and will also answer your questions.

If something is wrong, Nola will be sure to let you know. To get even more tips, click Nola’s button.


Sketch File Tutorial

Ask Nola for a tutorial, or just say ‘hi’. She will get you up and running in no time.

We recommend downloading our Sketch file tutorial and playing around while reading through.

Download Layout Tutorial.