Collaborate In Teams


Anima Is a Collaboration Hub

Once you are happy with your design in Sketch and want to start collaborating with others, you need to sync your Sketch design to a Project that can later be added to a Team or just stay in your Personal workspace.

Anima allows you to share Projects, create Teams, assign different Access Levels, receive feedback as Comments, share Specs, and more, all in one place.

Guide Overview

In this guide, we are to learn to how to collaborate with others on a website or prototype.

Steps we will be taking throughout this guide:

  1. Creating a Project
  2. Sync Project to a Team
  3. Inviting Members to Join the Team
  4. Assigning Member Access Levels


Step 1: Create a Project

  1. Click Preview in Browser from the Anima Panel
  2. The first time you do this, you will see the choice to create a new Project or add it to an already existing Project
  3. Name the new Project
  4. Select an existing Team from the Owner drop-down list or create a new Team (Step 2: Creating a Team)
  5. Click ‘Create’

ℹ️ Tips: Drafts

  • Each time you “Preview in Browser”, Anima creates a Draft of your work
  • Drafts are only visible to you
  • You can keep working on your Draft without affecting the live prototype until you Sync again
  • Personal is a workspace for personal use. Examples: Projects outside of work

Preview in Draft

Project Panel

Step 2: Create a Team:

Now that you have a Project, we are going to add it to a Team where other Members can see it and collaborate.

There are two ways to create a new Team:

1. Via Sketch:

  1. Click Preview in Browser from the Anima panel
  2. Open the Owner drop-down list
  3. Select a Team or ‘Create a New Team’ if Team does not exist yet
  4. In the browser, name your new Team and click ‘Create Team’
  5. Go back to Sketch and select the new created Team from the Owner drop-down list

2. Via Projects

  1. In your Projects Dashboard, open the drop-down menu that says ‘Personal’
  2. Select ‘Create new team’
  3. Name Team and click ‘Create Team’

Team Dropdown

Step 3: Add Members to Your Team

Ways you can invite Members to join your Team:

Via Team Settings:

  1. In Projects, select a your Team’s name from drop-down list on the top left corner
  2. Click more options () on the top right corner and select Team Settings
  3. Go to the Members tab
  4. Click ‘Add Members’

Via Projects:

Via Team Settings

Via Projects

Step 4: Sync Project to a Team


Members will not see your design changes until you Sync your Draft with the rest of the Team.

In this step, we are going to Sync your design Draft so everyone you added to the Team can see your changes.

Via Sketch

Via Preview in Browser

Sync Via Sketch

Sync Via Preview in Browser

Step 5: Assigning Member Access Levels

Notice that you can set different Access Levels to your Team Members.

The chart below explains who can see and edit your work.Learn to Manage Access Levels

Access Levels


When viewing the Prototype in the browser, click on the Dialog Icon to leave Comments and feedback.

Adding Comments

Sharing Project Outside of Your Team

Create a Public Link to share and invite others that are not in your team (i.e. Stakeholders, Marketing Department).

  1. In Sketch, click Preview in Browser in the Anima panel
  2. Click Share. This will direct you to the Team options
  3. Enable and copy a Public Link to share with anyone