In Figma each frame represents a webpage that can be connected to each other or other external websites via Links.

Anima supports Figma’s native Click action to trigger the following actions:

Anima also includes:


  • Figma Animation settings are not currently supported

You can create Links to a different section in the same frame (webpage).

To create an Anchor Link:

  1. Select the layer which will trigger the navigation event
  2. Click Link in the Flow section
  3. Select Anchor Link from the Link Type drop-down menu
  4. With your mouse, select the layer that will act as Anchor
  5. Click Done to apply it

Anima Anchor Links


  • Anchor Links can only be created on the same frame.

If you created an Anima Link and now you want to remove it:

  1. Select the Layer with the link you want to remove
  2. Click the Trash Icon in the Link section

Figma Links can be edited or deleted in Prototype mode.

Remove Links