Manage Access Levels

Each team member is assigned with both a Role and an Access Level:

The available Roles are:

The available Access Levels are:



Access Levels

Besides you, there are two Access Level types are available for each person invited to a Project with Anima.

Access Level Chart




Three types of roles are available to assign to each Viewer or Contributor that is part of an organization. One type of role can be assigned per seat.


An Owner can occupy a Viewer or a Contributor seat.


Admins can occupy a Viewer or a Contributor seat.


Members can occupy a Viewer or a Contributor seat.

Edit Roles or Access Levels

As an Owner, you can change or delete Access Levels and Roles for your Team :

  1. Go to your Projects
  2. Find and select your Team‘s name from the drop-down list in the top left corner
  3. Click more options () in the top right corner and select Team Settings
  4. Go to the Members tab and click on the Pencil icon next to the person you want to edit

Project Settings

Team Settings

Invite Guests

The difference between a Guest and a Team Member is that Guests can only have access to the project they were invited to, and do not have access to the accounts settings.

Team Members, can see all projects inside the Team they belong to.

Invite as Guests