Collaborate With Teams

Anima Is a Collaboration Hub

Once you are happy with your design in Adobe XD and want to start collaborating with others, you need to Sync it to an Anima Project.

Anima allows you to share Projects, create Teams, assign different Access Levels, receive feedback as Comments, share Specs, and more, all in one place.

Let’s start collaborating!

Step 1: Create a Team:

  1. In your Projects Dashboard, Click “Create new team” at the bottom of the Workspace sidebar
  2. Name the Team
  3. Click Create

Workspace Sidebar

Step 2: Add Members to Your Team

  1. In Projects, select a your Team’s name from Workspace sidebar
  2. Click more options [] in the top right corner and select Team Settings
  3. Go to the Members tab
  4. Click ‘Add Members’

Via Team Settings


Members will not see your design changes until you Sync your Draft with the rest of the Team.

Invite Guests

The difference between a Guest and a Team Member is that Guests can only have access to the project they were invited to, and do not have access to the accounts settings.

Team Members, can see all projects inside the Team they belong to.

Invite as Guests

Sharing Project Outside of Your Team

Create a Public Link to share the prototype of website outside your Team (i.e. Stakeholders, Marketing Department).

  1. In Adobe XD, click Preview in Browser in the Anima panel
  2. Open it in the browser, and click Sync in the top right corner
  3. Click Share
  4. Enable and copy the Public Link to share with anyone

You can customize the Public Link in Projects Settings > Website. [Learn More]


When viewing the Prototype in the browser, click on the Dialog Icon to leave Comments and feedback.

Adding Comments

Assign Member Access Levels

Notice that you can set different Access Levels to your Team Members.

The chart below explains who can see and edit your work. Learn to Manage Access Levels.

Access Levels