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Manage Your Website

Manage Your Website

Custom Domains

Your website needs a place where your visitors can find it. With Anima Hosting or Pro Subscriptions, you will get a ‘’ domain, but you can assign your own custom domain to your Anima hosted website.

If you do not have a custom domain, we recommend Google Domains or GoDaddy.

There are 2 steps to do that:

  1. Add your custom domain to your Website Settings in Projects
  2. Point your custom domain to our servers by creating a CNAME record in your domain provider settings

Follow the this guide to add a Custom Domain.

Add Custom Domain

Website Information

Optimize your website information to increase traffic to your site:

❗️ Important: Make sure to republish your website after you edit or add information.

Website Information

Meta Tags

Meta Tags are a part of HTML. They enable providing information about the website that isn’t actually presented for visitors, but is used by software that can read these tags and use their information.

HTML Meta Tags


To track the traffic coming into your website you can sign up to any of the Analytics providers and paste in the code snippet they provide.

This piece of code will be embedded in each of the webpages in your website and allow you to track traffic, usage, and much more.

Learn more about Analytics.