With Anima, you can embed Videos,GIFs, and Lottie files in your website right from Adobe XD.

Add Videos and GIFs

Videos can be in the form of a video player or simply a cover/hero video without any control buttons.

The supported links are:

The embedded files can have the following playback settings:

Video/GIF Playback Settings

How To Embed Videos/GIFs/Lottie

  1. Select the layer that will become the video, GIF, Lottie animation
  2. Under the Smart Layers section, select Video/GIF
  3. Paste your the file’s direct URL
  4. Choose the Playback Settings you want: Auto Play, Loop, No Controls, Cover
  5. Save

To see it, click Preview in Browser in the Anima Panel.


  • YouTube and Vimeo do not allow to hide controls
  • For more control over your videos/GIFs, We recommend to use a direct .mp4 or .gif URL

Add Videos/GIFs/Lottie

Upload Local Files

If you want to embed locally stored files, go to your Project Settings, and in the Files tab, you can upload your videos/GIFs/Lottie files from your computer and Anima will create a direct URL you can paste on the features’ modal.