Export to other plugins

If you’ve exported a design to other plugins and the designs looks off, try the “Prepare for export to other plugins”.

Blurry Images

If your exported website has blurry images while in Sketch they are much sharper:

  1. Select the blurry images.
  2. Locate the Exportable panel in the bottom right of Sketch
  3. Mark the Exportable asset as @2x
  4. Re-publish your website

Password Protection

In order to password-protect your website:

  1. Login to Launchpad’s web dashboard: https://www.animaapp.com/dashboard/websites/
  2. Locate the website you want to protect
  3. Click Set Password

How to Log In

How to Cancel Paid Subscription

  1. Login to https://www.animaapp.com/account/edit
  2. Under Plan, click Change
  3. Select the Free plan