Client Billing

One of the most popular requests we get from our customers is a way to let their clients pay the monthly subscription payments for the websites designers create for them.
In this scenario, you are a freelance designer or a web design agency that designs and publishes websites for your clients using Launchpad. It makes sense for you to charge your clients only for the design work and off-load the monthly hosting payments to the client. Well now you can easily do that.

All you have to do is invite your client to submit payment information. Once your client submits payment information, the website automatically becomes a Premium website, and the monthly payments are being processed with your client’s credit card. It’s as simple as that.

Create the website

The first step is to design the website and create a Preview Website so we’ll be able to select it in the web dashboard.

Login to Web Dashboard

The next step is to login to Launchpad’s Web Dashboard: and make sure our website is there

Client Billing Settings

Go to “Client Billing->Settings” and setup your display name and logo

Preview what your clients will see

Invite to Pay

Then go to “Clients” section and invite your client by selecting which websites they should be billed for and clicking “Invite to Pay”

Email Invite

The client will receive an email inviting them to update their payment information.

Update Payment Page

The “Update Payment” page will look like this:


That’s it. Once they update their payment information they will be billed every month for the websites they own.

If at any point they wish to cancel their plan they can simply scroll down and do that.