Custom Domains

You can use your own domain with Launchpad.

There are 2 steps to do that:

  1. Add your domain to your Launchpad website using Manage Site
  2. Point your domain by creating a CNAME record in your domain provider settings.

Add a Custom Domain

  1. Click Custom Domain
  2. In Address Enter your domain
  3. Click Apply

Create CNAME record

Next thing you’ll have to do is create a CNAME record that points your domain to Launchpad.
In your domain provider domain settings:

Create a new CNAME record:

In the next step we are going to setup the “naked” domain which is your domain but without the www.

Create a new ‘A’ record:

After performing the 2 steps, your websites should be accessible from:


Domain changes take between a few minutes to a few hours to take effect

If you need to setup SSL for your custom domain please contact us:



Google Domains