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Launchpad Address

All websites on Launchpad are assigned with a unique id that looks like: YimuYPD.
Every published website is accessible via the Web Address []

If you want to make your free Launchpad web address prettier, you can choose your own slug.

A slug is a user friendly and URL valid name of a webpage

Slugs are unique across all websites hosted by Launchpad. That means you’ll have to check that the slug you want is available before being able to claim it.

Custom Domains

You can assign your own custom domain to your Launchpad hosted website.
To do that click Custom Domain:

Enter your domain


Next thing you’ll have to do is create a CNAME record that points your domain to Launchpad.
For more information on how to do that go here

Meta Tags

Meta Tags are a part of HTML. They enable providing information about the website that isn’t actually presented for visitors, but is used by software that can read these tags and use their information.

You can edit these tags to optimize the way your website is seen by Search Engines, Social Media websites, and more.
Better information such as an image and a clear description can increase the traffic to your website.


To track the traffic coming into your website you can sign up to any of the Analytics providers and paste in the code snippet they provide.

This piece of code will be embedded in each of the Webpages in your website and allow you to track traffic, usage, and much more.

To get more information on Analytics go here


Download or view the entries to forms on your websites